About us

Jobbsprånget is run by The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA). IVA was founded in 1919 and was the first engineering science academy in the world. The Academy comprises 1300 Swedish and foreign elected fellows and is enriched by the knowledge and experience of more than 250 members in the IVA Business Executives Council. IVA’s unique network includes decision-makers and experts from business, industry, academia, research institutes, government agencies and non-governmental organizations.

IVA has proven experience in running successful internship programmes. Since 2012 IVA has been leading the internship programme, Tekniksprånget, with an aim to increase the interest for an engineering profession amongs young adults. During the past years Tekniksprånget has offered internship to more than 3000 young adults.

Jobbsprånget originates from Tekniksprånget, and was launched as a pilot project during the autumn of 2015. During 2017 the programme will expand heavily, with an ambition to become the leading internship programme for academics who have recently arrived to Sweden. The programme is financed by the Wallenberg Foundations.