About the internship

Internship or job?
Jobbsprånget is an internship (in Swedish “praktik”) for four months. Jobbsprånget is NOT a job.

Do I get paid?
Jobbsprånget is internship = praktik. The internship is part of an activity program within Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen) and there is no salary during the internship. Instead, the candidates receive a monthly allowance within Arbetsförmedlingen’s activity program. The allowance is handled and managed via Försäkringskassan. If you have any questions about the allowance or who to report your time please find information here or get in touch with Arbetsförmedlingen.

When will I be notified if I’ve been accepted or not?
The employer arranges their own recruitment process. A majority of the participating organizations will initiate the recruitment process after 16 August/16 January. Please check your email and/or voicemail messages on a regular basis in case you are called for an interview by an employer. All communication will come directly from the company/organization, not from Jobbsprånget. Jobbsprånget will, however, email you when all internships have been finalized.

Will I do my internship at Jobbsprånget?
No, Jobbsprånget works as a link between employers and newcomer academics by actively matching applicants with participating employers in Jobbsprånget internship programme. How does the matching work?
Step 1: Create an account and build your profile page
Step 2: Send your application to the employers of interest to you
Step 3: Employers start the recruitment process accordingly and will ”match” with the applicants that seem most suitable

If Jobbsprånget would take interns sometime in the future you will find the internship ads in the portal, as usual!

Does Jobbsprånget help with accommodation and travel compensations?
Neither Jobbsprånget nor the participating organizations are able to arrange accommodation during the internship. The Public Employment Service may compensate the candidate for travel expenses during the interview process and if you need to travel during your internship.

Can an internship be cut short?
The internship can be cut short if any of the parties involved (intern, employer, case worker at the Public Employment Service) so desires. There is no required period of notice to end an internship. It instead takes place when the parties involved have discussed it and reached an agreement.

Can an internship be extended?
Jobbsprånget cannot extend the internship period. If an employer or intern wants to extend the internship, this is a matter for discussion between the employer, the intern and the case worker at Arbetsförmedlingen. Jobbsprånget is happy to help by referring the intern and employer to the relevant case worker. A step-by-step guide on how to appy for an extension can be found here: https://jobbspranget.se/forlangning-av-praktik/

What happens if I’m offered a job?
Congratulations! Contact Jobbsprånget and we will facilitate your communication with the parties involved (the employer and case worker at Arbetsförmedlingen) so that your internship can be terminated.

Can I take vacation/time off during my internship?
Interns are not entitled to any vacation days. If you are planning on taking some time off the best way to know the procedure for sure is to get in contact with Arbetsförmedlingen. If you take time off without consulting with Arbetsförmedlingen first you could be expulsed from your internship.
What should I do if I get sick during the internship?
If you get sick or if your child gets sick and you need to stay home this should of course be communicated to your mentor/manager at the company you are interning for. You also need to report this on Arbetsförmedlingen’s website. Please see links below:



Can I attend interviews during the internship?
We actively encourage interns to look for a job during their internship. Have a transparent and open dialogue about your job searching activity with your employer and case worker.