Before and during the recruitment process

What should a vacancy announcement look like? Can I see an example?
You can find an example here.
We have created video tutorials to help you as an employer to navigate the portal smoothly. Click here to watch the tutorials.

How do I know which candidates I can contact for recruitment?
All of the applicants are presented in the Jobbsprånget application portal. For each candidate a color indicates whether or not they are eligible for an internship. In order to be a Jobbsprånget intern the candidate must be registered with the Swedish Public Employment Service and eligible for an internship. This is indicated in the portal by the following colour codes: Blue = Eligibility has not yet been determined. Green = Candidate is eligible for an internship. Orange = Further information is needed for the Public Employment Service to determine eligibility. Red = Candidate is not eligible for an internship. Check out this short video about candidate’s eligibility status.

When will recruitment start? Do we need to act fast?
Recruitment of candidates begins no later than 17 August for the autumn internships and 17 January for the spring internships. Some candidates will be attractive and will therefore be suitable for several different internships. It is therefore a good idea to act fast.

Can an internship be combined with an SFI (Swedish for Immigrants) course?
Jobbsprånget’s basic offering is a full-time internship. If the parties in the arrangement – employer, candidate and case worker – agree on the candidate combining the internship with an SFI course, this is of course allowed.

Is a permanent residence permit required in order to be an intern?
Jobbsprånget is aimed at candidates who are registered with the Public Employment Service regardless of which type of residence permit they hold (temporary or permanent). Candidates with student visas are not allowed to take part in an internship through Jobbsprånget.

How come some people have temporary residence permits and others have permanent ones?
A new law went into effect on 20 July 2016 (Act on Temporary Limits to the Possibility of Receiving Residency Permits in Sweden).

Can an intern be a Swedish citizen?
Yes, a candidate who applies and takes part in an internship through Jobbsprånget can be a Swedish citizen.