How we handle your personal data

Can “anyone” and “everyone” access personal data such as the Swedish ID number; especially the 4 last digits?
The Jobbsprånget portal is action based. It is when you apply for internship at a company, that your contact details, CV, letter and test results are visible to a person at the company.

Does the account at Jobbsprånget function like LinkedIn or Facebook and thus is open to both internal and external use?
No, it does not have the same functionality as the above mentioned sites. At Jobbsprånget you create a personal page when you register for an account. It is when you then choose to take the next step after registry of account to apply to an internship that the information concerning your application is visible to a specific person at the company where you want to become an intern at.

What is IVA?
Jobbsprånget is run by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA)