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7 out of 10 get a job after Jobbsprånget

Jobbsprånget connects you with employers looking for your specific competence. Our four-month-long internship programme is proven successful. It gives you valuable contacts, relevant experience, and an opportunity to learn more about Swedish working culture. We open the door to the Swedish job market.

Who can apply?

Are you new in Sweden with an academic degree in engineering, IT, architecture, business, communication, HR or science? Are you looking for an opportunity to build your professional network and career? Welcome to Jobbsprånget!

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In order to apply to Jobbsprånget you have to fulfil the following criteria:

When to apply?

Jobbsprånget has two application periods every year:

July 16 – August 16
16 December – 16 January

You can only apply to Jobbsprånget during these application periods. You can however create a profile at any time. 

When the application period opens the internship positions will be presented in the portal and you can apply to those who fit your educational background and experience. Please note that creating a profile requires a valid BankID.

The recruitment process is handled by each employer and usually starts when the application period is closed (16 August/16 January).

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Jobbsprånget changes lives

Many of our interns have applied for hundreds of jobs before finding Jobbsprånget. After our four-months-long internship programme, 7 out of 10 get a job on their professional level.

Mamtha Pullat

Diversity & Inclusion Specialist at Telia
“Jobbsprånget opened amazing doors for me. I think it is the key to help international academics enter the Swedish workforce.”

JB Moise Morel

Executive Coordinator at Zimpler
“I did two internship back to back. The first one with BillerudKorsnäs and the second one with BCG. They invited me with open arms and it was an amazing experience.”

Bhavin Balan

Business Analyst at Unilever​
“Internship is the right entry point. Through internship, you will get experience of the Swedish job market.”

How to apply?​

Three simple steps opening the door to the Swedish job market.
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Increase your chances!​

Don’t miss our checklist with tips that will help you get an internship.