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Remote Internships – 5 Benefits for Employers

As workplace flexibility continues to increase, working remotely has become increasingly popular. But how does it work in the context of internships? During the pandemic, many employers quickly adapted to hosting interns through Zoom, Slack, Teams, and other digital solutions via Jobbsprånget program. It proved to be a successful strategy – many employers have chosen to continue offering remote internships. Here, we summarize five advantages of having remote internships – and how to proceed.

1. Competence Across Sweden

Finding expertise locally can be challenging. Offering remote internships means expanding the opportunity to find talent throughout the entire country, regardless of where the workplace is located.

2. Larger Selection of Talent

With remote internships, the door opens to a broader selection of qualified candidates and talents. It becomes easier to find the expertise you need for a specific project or position. For employers in smaller locations, this means the opportunity to find the same expertise as employers in larger regions without compromising on eligibility requirements.

3. Trial Opportunity

Remote internships provide the opportunity to evaluate a candidate before making a decision about potential relocation. This is valuable for both employers and candidates. Employers can assess whether the candidate is a good fit for the intended role before committing to a long-term commitment. At the same time, candidates can gain a better understanding of the organization and job responsibilities before deciding to move or make a more permanent transition.

4. Reduced Environmental Impact

Similar to remote work, remote internships have a more positive impact on the environment through reduced commuting to and from the workplace. Fewer commuting trips mean less traffic on the roads and lower carbon dioxide emissions. This is a crucial factor for environmentally conscious companies and organizations striving to reduce their environmental impact.

5. Attractive Employer

More and more individuals today seek the opportunity for hybrid or remote work. By offering remote internships, you have the chance to portray yourself as a flexible and modern employer. This can enhance your reputation in the job market and increase your attractiveness to potential candidates. By demonstrating an ability to adapt to the latest workplace trends and offering remote internship opportunities, you can attract and retain highly qualified employees.

How do I offer remote internships?

Offering remote internships is not very different from offering traditional internships, and the process is largely the same.  You can advertise internship positions on our portal and receive applications. The only difference is that you specify the location as remote (or hybrid).

On the start date, it is crucial to ensure that the candidate has received the necessary equipment and information to commence their internship. Remember that the deadline for publishing an advertisement for the spring is December 16th. Contact us for further information on the steps to take.

What is Jobbsprånget?

Jobbsprånget is a national programme that matches foreign-born academics with the competence needs of employers all over Sweden. 

By participating, employers have the opportunity to easily harness the expertise of relevant candidates who are currently outside the labor market.

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