Offering an internship

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Who are the candidates?
The program receives applications from many different academic background and nationalities.

Is there any limit to the number of interns?
No, we have employers that take 30 interns and employers that take one-three.

Can anyone recruit an intern?
Yes, as long as you have appropriate assignments for an engineer, architect, scientist or economist.

Can asylum seekers be interns?
Jobbsprånget is aimed at candidates who are registered with the Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen).

How do you find your candidates?
We communicate with the candidates directly and through Arbetsförmedlingen. The candidates apply through our application portal.

What contact does Jobbsprånget have with interns during the internship period?
During the internship period interns are invited to attend a network meeting with other Jobbsprånget interns. Before the start of the internship the intern is given an introduction kit which presents the structure of the internship and contains contact details for future communication.

Is the intern insured?
Yes, through the Swedish Public Employment Service.

Can we require the candidate to be proficient in both Swedish and English?
The Jobbsprånget programme language is English. All communication, marketing and correspondence with the candidates is in English. As an employer you cannot stipulate Swedish as a prerequisite to participate in Jobbsprånget.

What support do you provide to supervisors?
Before the start of each internship period we arrange supervisor meetings for participating supervisors. At these meetings the Jobbsprånget programme is presented and, in a workshop format, we go through important considerations before and during the internship period. You can find more information here.

Are there opportunities for networking and knowledge exchange with other employers?
Jobbsprånget invites employers and candidates to attend network meetings. For more information, please contact Jobbsprånget.

Can we perform security and drug tests in connection with the recruitment process?
You conduct the recruitment process in line with your normal routines and based on what you agree on with your candidates. If you wish to subject applicants to specific tests, this should be communicated in the application portal in the recruitment announcement where you describe your organization and the positions you are offering.

Is there any information about the programme that I can distribute within my organization?
Information materials in Swedish and English are available here.

It is possible to combine Jobbsprånget with other programmes, such as the “100 club” and “Fast Track”?
Yes! It is not a problem to combine a Jobbsprånget internship with other programmes. For example, as an internship provider, Jobbsprånget is already part of “Praktik i staten” (public sector work experience programme).