Q&A about Being an Intern

Being an intern

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When is the application period?
Jobbsprånget has two application periods: 16 July – 16 August and 16 December – 16 January. Please click here to watch video tutorials on the registration and application process of Jobbsprånget.


Is it possible to register outside the internship period?
You can register an account at any time at www.jobbsprånget.se. You can apply for an internship from 16 July to 16 August and from 16 December to 16 January.


How can a Jobbspranget intern cope with starting a new internship program and then the work from home situation during COVID-19 pandemic? 
We encourage all candidates in the program working from home to find ways of networking with the employer. Try to actively invite and reach out for a “virtual coffee” with new colleages. Interview your colleageus on their journey and CV-road to that exact organisation. Learn more about different paths that lead to the company where you are doing the internship. Also take part of the online sessions and apply the theory we teach out in terms of Linkedin and CV-coaching, etc. And most importantly, schedule a meeting with someone from HR at the company that you can show your CV to for feedback, have test interviews, etc.


I have been living in Sweden for 8 months and would like to apply to Jobbsprånget. However, Arbetsförmedlingen said that I must have stayed here for at least 12 months to be eligible. Please advise!
Jobbsprånget is a cooperation with Arbetsförmedlingen. This means that it is always your case officer who makes the decision wheter or not you are eligible. This is explained by program you take part in,  e.g “Etableringsprogram” or “JOBEN”. In some cases you might have to wait 12 months before you become eligible for the Jobbsprånget


I don’t know who my case officer is at Arbetsförmedlingen. How can I complete the application form? 
If you don’t have a specific case officer you can give the information of your local office or customer service instead


Can I change or upload a new CV once the portal is closed?
No, you can make changes to your profile when the application portal is open for applications (16 July – 16 August) for the autumn internship and 16 December – 16 January for the spring internship).


Will I do my internship at Jobbsprånget?
No, Jobbsprånget works as a link between employers and newcomer academics by actively matching applicants with participating employers in Jobbsprångets internship programme. How does the matching work?

Step 1: Create an account and build your profile page
Step 2: Send your application to the employers of interest to you
Step 3: Employers start the recruitment process accordingly and will ”match” with the applicants that seem most suitable


Do I get paid?
No intern salary or other form of salary is paid during the internship. The candidates receive monthly compensation from the Public Employment Service (so-called introduction benefit or activity support).


Does Jobbsprånget help with accommodation?
Neither Jobbsprånget nor the participating organisations are able to arrange accommodation during the internship. The Public Employment Service may compensate the candidate for travel expenses during the interview process.


Do I need to be able to speak Swedish to apply?
The programme language is English and the internship is supervised and carried out in English. “Internship time in English, break time in Swedish,” is how we like to put it.


How many years do I need to have studied at university?
To apply for Jobbsprånget you need to have a university degree (at least three years) in engineering, architecture, science or economics.


Do my qualifications/grades/certificates need to be validated?


Which employers are participating?
Here is a selection of participating employers. In the portal there is a presentation of all employers seeking interns in the ongoing recruitment period.


Can I get help with my CV?

Here are tips on how to write a CV.


How do I attach a CV to my application?
You can upload your CV in the Jobbsprånget application portal under the tab “Edit CV.”


Should my CV be in Swedish or English?
Your CV and cover letter must be in English.


I don’t know the name of my case worker.
Contact your local branch of the Public Employment Service and ask who your case worker is.


Can I apply to multiple employers? Is there a maximum?
You are welcome to apply to any employers seeking your skills or expertise. There is no limit to the number of applications you may make.


Will the employer see that I have applied to several different internships?


When will I be notified if I’ve been accepted or not?
The employer arranges its own recruitment process. The majority of the participating organisations will initiate the recruitment process after 16 August/16 January. Please check your email and/or voicemail messages on a regular basis in case you are called for an interview by an employer. All communication will come directly from the company/organisation, not from Jobbsprånget. Jobbsprånget will, however, email you when all internships have been finalised.


Can an internship be cut short?
The internship can be cut short if any of the parties involved (intern, employer, case worker at the Public Employment Service) so desires. There is no required period of notice to end an internship. It instead takes place when the parties involved have discussed it and reached an agreement.


Can an internship be extended?
Jobbsprånget cannot extend the internship period. If an employer or intern wants to extend the internship, this is a matter for discussion between the employer, the intern and the case worker at Arbetsförmedlingen. Jobbsprånget is happy to help by referring the intern and employer to the relevant case worker.


What happens if I’m offered a job?
Congratulations! Contact Jobbsprånget and we will facilitate your communication with the parties involved (the employer and case worker at Arbetsförmedlingen) so that your internship can be terminated.


Can I attend interviews during the internship?
We actively encourage interns to look for a job during their internship. Have a transparent and open dialogue about your job searching activity with your employer and case worker.


Can “anyone” and “everyone” access personal data such as the Swedish ID number; especially the 4 last digits?
The Jobbsprånget portal is action based. It is when you apply for internship at a company, that your contact details, CV, letter and test results are visible to a person at the company.


And, does the account at Jobbsprånget function like LinkedIn or Facebook and thus is open to both internal and external use?
No, it does not have the same functionality as the above mentioned sites. At Jobbsprånget you create a personal page when you register for an account. It is when you then choose to take the next step after registry of account to apply to an internship that the information concerning your application is visible to a specific person at the company where you want to become an intern at.