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Offering an internship/employers

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Who are the candidates?
The program receives applications from many different academic background and nationalities.


Is there any limit to the number of interns?
No, we have employers that take 30 interns and employers that take one-three.


Which employers do you focus on?
All employers are welcome – small, large, private and public sector. You can find a selection of participating employers here www.jobbspranget.se


In which locations does Jobbsprånget exist? Can we participate even if our location is not on the map? 
We are here. All employers are welcome. If you are the first in your area, maybe others will follow suit!


Why should an organisation participate in Jobbsprånget?
Jobbsprånget is a nationwide internship programme that provides employers with an easy way to make use of the skills and experience of  newcomer academics who have recently arrived in Sweden. Using our solid experience of running intership programs between talent and employers, we find ways to match your talent needs with relevant candidates who are currently outside the job market.


Can anyone recruit an intern?
Yes, as long as you have appropriate assignments for an engineer, architect, scientist or economist.


Can asylum seekers be interns?
Jobbsprånget is aimed at candidates who are registered with the Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen).


How do you coordinate the programme with the Public Employment Service?
In July 2016 IVA signed a declaration of intent with the Swedish Public Employment Service regarding Jobbsprånget. There are also national guidelines for approval of internships produced by the unions relevant to Jobbsprånget, i.e. the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers, Jusek, the Swedish Association of Professional Scientists and Architects Sweden.


How do you find your candidates?
We communicate with the candidates directly and through Arbetsförmedlingen. The candidates apply through our application portal.


What contact does Jobbsprånget have with interns during the internship period?
During the internship period interns are invited to attend a network meeting with other Jobbsprånget interns. Before the start of the internship the intern is given an introduction kit which presents the structure of the internship and contains contact details for future communication.


How is the programme funded?
The programme is financed by the Wallenberg Foundations and the Swedish government, administered by Tillväxtverket.


What do the unions think about it?
Jobbsprånget works in cooperation with the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers, Architects Sweden, the Swedish Association of Professional Scientists and Jusek.


What types of employers can participate?
All employers are welcome – small, large, private and public sector. You can find a selection of participating employers here www.jobbspranget.se


How do I register for Jobbsprånget?
Would your organisation like to participate in Jobbsprånget? Contact eva.glaumann@iva.se


What does it cost to participate?
There is no charge to participate in the Jobbsprånget programme. As an employer you provide support in the form of intern supervision. The Public Employment Service pays compensation to the interns.


Is the intern insured?
Yes, through the Swedish Public Employment Service.


Can we require the candidate to be proficient in both Swedish and English?
The Jobbsprånget programme language is English. All communication, marketing and correspondence with the candidates is in English. As an employer you cannot stipulate Swedish as a prerequisite to participate in Jobbsprånget.


What support do you provide to supervisors?
Before the start of each internship period we arrange supervisor meetings for participating supervisors. At these meetings the Jobbsprånget programme is presented and, in a workshop format, we go through important considerations before and during the internship period. You can find more information here.


Are there opportunities for networking and knowledge exchange with other employers?
Jobbsprånget invites employers and candidates to attend network meetings. For more information, please contact Jobbsprånget.


Can we perform security and drug tests in connection with the recruitment process?
You conduct the recruitment process in line with your normal routines and based on what you agree on with your candidates. If you wish to subject applicants to specific tests, this should be communicated in the application portal in the recruitment announcement where you describe your organisation and the positions you are offering.


Is there any information about the programme that I can distribute within my organisation?
Information materials in Swedish and English are available here.


It is possible to combine Jobbsprånget with other programmes, such as the “100 club” and “Fast Track”?
Yes! It is not a problem to combine a Jobbsprånget internship with other programmes. For example, as an internship provider, Jobbsprånget is already part of “Praktik i staten” (public sector work experience programme).


Before and during the recruitment process

What should a vacancy announcement look like? Can I see an example?

You can find an example here: https://iva.force.com/Jobbspranget/s/  

We have created video tutorials to help you as an employer to navigate the portal smoothly. Click here to watch the tutorials.


How do I know which candidates I can contact for recruitment?
All of the applicants are presented in the Jobbsprånget application portal. For each candidate a colour indicates whether or not he/she is eligible for an internship. In order to be a Jobbsprånget intern the candidate must be registered with the Swedish Public Employment Service and eligible for an internship. This is indicated in the portal by the following colour codes: White = Eligibility has not yet been determined. Green = Candidate is eligible for an internship. Orange = Further information is needed from the Public Employment Service to determine eligibility. Red = Candidate is not eligible for an internship.


When will recruitment start? Do we need to act fast?
Recruitment of candidates begins no later than 17 August for the autumn internships and 17 January for the spring internships. Some candidates will be attractive and will therefore be suitable for several different internships. It is therefore a good idea to act fast.


Can an internship be combined with an SFI (Swedish for Immigrants) course?
Jobbsprånget’s basic offering is a full-time internship. If the parties in the arrangement – employer, candidate and case worker – agree on the candidate combining the internship with an SFI course, this is of course allowed.


Is a permanent residence permit required in order to be an intern?
Jobbsprånget is aimed at candidates who are registered with the Public Employment Service regardless of which type of residence permit they hold (temporary or permanent). Candidates with student visas are not allowed to apply for or take part in an internship through Jobbsprånget.


How come some people have temporary residence permits and others have permanent ones?
A new law went into effect on 20 July 2016 (Act on Temporary Limits to the Possibility of Receiving Residency Permits in Sweden). This law remains in effect until 19 July 2019.


Can an intern be a Swedish citizen?
Yes, a candidate who applies and takes part in an internship through Jobbsprånget can be a Swedish citizen.


During the internship

What happens if the intern wants to take time off?
A break in the internship for time off can be specified in the internship contract prepared by the Public Employment Service case worker. If the intern wishes to have an extended period of leave during the internship, the internship contract must be terminated and a new internship decision made. The new contract will go into effect after the end of the extended leave.


Can we provide lunch?
Employers are permitted to provide lunch to the interns. If the employer provides lunch, this is considered a benefit for the intern. Since the employer is the issuer of the benefit, the employer must account for this in the form of a statement of income.


Can we pay for travel?
The employer may pay the intern for travel to and from the internship. If the employer pays travel expenses, this is considered a benefit for the intern. Since the employer is the issuer of the benefit, the employer must account for this in the form of a statement of income.


Is it possible to be compensated for the cost of travelling to interviews and commuting to an internship in another location?
Interns can receive compensation for travel to and from interviews. The intern should contact his/her case worker to apply for this compensation. Employers need to invite candidates to an interview in writing (letter by post). The letter can then be presented when the candidate applies for compensation.


After the internship

What is the procedure and what is required to employ an intern?
If you want to employ an intern during/after an internship, you are welcome to contact Jobbsprånget and we will provide support in consultation with the intern’s case worker at the Public Employment Service. If you wish to discuss the possibility of and procedure for applying for a New Start Job (Nystartsjobb), Jobbsprånget can help you with this as well.

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