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FAQ - For candidates

Our aim is to make it as easy as possible to participate in Jobbsprånget. Below we have gathered frequently asked questions from candidates. Do not hesitate to contact us if you can’t find the answers you’re looking for.

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Registering and applying for Jobbsprånget

Jobbsprånget is a four-month internship (in Swedish “praktik”) programme. The purpose of the internship is to speed up the introduction to the Swedish labour market and to give candidates a chance to show their potential by actively matching employers with foreign academics. 300 employers participate in 50 different locations all over Sweden

Jobbsprånget is intended for foreign academics with an academic degree in engineering, architecture, science, pharmacy or business/finance (bachelor, master or higher degree), born outside of the continent of Europe (include both EU and non-EU countries). You need to have proficient English language skills, both spoken and written. In order to participate you must be registered at  Arbetsförmedlingen (the Swedish Public Employment Service).

You have a degree (bachelor or higher) in engineering, IT, architecture, science, pharmacy, business/finance, HR or Communication 

  • You are a college graduate born outside the continent of Europe 
  • You have a working permit (please note, not student visa) 
  • You have proficient English language skills, both spoken and written. 
  • You are registered atArbetsförmedlingen as an active job seeker.  
Jobbsprånget is a cooperation with Arbetsförmedlingen. This means that it is always Arbetsförmedlingen who makes the decision whether you are eligible or not. Your eligibility will be tested once you have applied to at least 1 internship during the application period. Please note that it might take a while for the eligibility to be evaluated. Arbetsförmedlingen’s goal is to evaluate the status of all candidates that has applied by September 1st for fall term ad February 1st for spring term. They inform us directly about your eligibility status by color-coding your profile in our portal. If you are unsure about the reasoning behind your eligibility assessment please reach out to us at for further information.

Jobbsprånget has two application periods: 16 July – 16 August and 16 December – 16 January. Please click here to watch video tutorials on the registration and application process of Jobbsprånget.

This is Arbetsförmedlingens regulations for approving “arbetspraktik” = internship. We follow their rules as it is a cooperation with them. If you have queries about your eligibility to participate in Jobbsprånget please get in touch with Arbetsförmedlingen!
Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to register without BankID.
If you do not have a residence permit in Sweden you cannot apply. If you are on vacation currently, but live in Sweden you are welcome to apply! Please note that you must be in Sweden to complete an internship. Arbetsförmedlingen cannot accept an internship for you if you are outside of Sweden.

If you are currently in Sweden on a student visa you cannot participate in Jobbsprånget. This according to Arbetsförmedlingens criteria for internship “Arbetspraktik”. If you have finished your studies and applied for a work search visa after studies please note that Arbetsförmedlingen does not consider you eligible for the program until the new visa/permit has been approved.


If you are enrolled in studies, either full-time or part-time, but do not have astudent visa it is up to Arbetsförmedlingen to decide if you can participate in the program.

Jobbsprånget is a cooperation with Arbetsförmedlingen. This means that it is always Arbetsförmedlingen who makes the decision whether or not you are eligible for the programme. If you are unsure about the reasoning behind your eligibility assessment please reach out to us at for further information.

The programme language is English and the internship is supervised and carried out in English. “Internship time in English, break time in Swedish,” is how we like to put it.

Your visa class (Beslutsklass) can be found on the decision document you get from Migrationsverket when they approve your residence permit (please note that the visa class in NOT listed on your residence card). If you no longer have this document please reach out to Migrationsverket (the Swedish Migration Agency). 

We ask you to please upload any documents you have regarding your visa to your Jobbsprånget profile to further help your eligibility assessment

You are welcome to apply to Jobbsprånget while you wait for a decision. Arbetsförmedlingen will decide whether you are eligible or not based on your last visa class. In some cases, Arbetsförmedlingen will not be able to determine your eligibility and your status will remain orange in the portal. To help Arbetsförmedlingen determine your eligibility, please enter the details of your last valid visa in your Jobbsprånget profile. We also ask you to upload all documents you have regarding your visa to your Jobbsprånget profile along with the receipt of your visa extension application.

To apply for Jobbsprånget you need to have a university degree (at least three years) in engineering, architecture, science or economics. Do my qualifications/grades/certificates need to be validated? No.

You can find all available internship opportunities and participating employers in the portal once the application period has started.  

Check out our online sessions for tips on how to write a CV.

You can watch a tutorial on this here.

Your CV and cover letter must be in English.
No, you cannot change anything in your application(s) when the portal is closed. You can however upload additional files to you application(s) at anytime. Changes to your profile can also be done when the portal is closed.
You can register an account at any time at www.jobbsprå You can apply for an internship from 16 July to 16 August and from 16 December to 16 January.
You are welcome to apply to any employers seeking your skills or expertise. There is no limit to the number of applications you may make, but we recommend you to only apply to the internship position that suits your background.

The color codes indicate your eligibility status to participate in Jobbsprånget. This is determined by Arbetsförmedlingen throughout the applications periods and a few weeks after that.  

  • Blue: Arbetsförmedlingen has not yet evaluated your status. 
  • Green: you are deemed eligible for internship. 
  • Red: you are not eligible for internship. 
  • Orange: Arbetsförmedlingen does not have enough information to determine your eligibility

Jobbsprånget collaborates directly with Arbetsförmedlingen during and after the Jobbsprånget application period. You will have your eligibility assessed directly by Arbetsförmedlingen. You should not contact your case officer or Arbetsförmedlingen to have your eligibility assessed, this will be done automatically once you have applied to at least one internship opportunity.

Yes, your eligibility needs to be determined again for each time you apply to Jobbsprånget

About the internship

Jobbsprånget is an internship (in Swedish “praktik”) for four months. Jobbsprånget is NOT a job.

Jobbsprånget is internship = praktik. The internship is part of an activity program within Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen) and there is no salary during the internship. Instead, the candidates receive a monthly allowance within Arbetsförmedlingen’s activity program. The allowance is handled and managed via Försäkringskassan. If you have any questions about the allowance or who to report your time please find information here or get in touch with Arbetsförmedlingen.

The employer arranges their own recruitment process. A majority of the participating organizations will initiate the recruitment process after 16 August/16 January. Please check your email and/or voicemail messages on a regular basis in case you are called for an interview by an employer. All communication will come directly from the company/organization, not from Jobbsprånget. Jobbsprånget will, however, email you when all internships have been finalized.

No, Jobbsprånget works as a link between employers and newcomer academics by actively matching applicants with participating employers in Jobbsprånget internship programme. How does the matching work?

Step 1: Create an account and build your profile page
Step 2: Send your application to the employers of interest to you
Step 3: Employers start the recruitment process accordingly and will ”match” with the applicants that seem most suitable

If Jobbsprånget would take interns sometime in the future you will find the internship ads in the portal, as usual!

Neither Jobbsprånget nor the participating organizations are able to arrange accommodation during the internship. The Public Employment Service may compensate the candidate for travel expenses during the interview process and if you need to travel during your internship.
The internship can be cut short if any of the parties involved (intern, employer, case worker at the Public Employment Service) so desires. There is no required period of notice to end an internship. It instead takes place when the parties involved have discussed it and reached an agreement.

Jobbsprånget cannot extend the internship period. If an employer or intern wants to extend the internship, this is a matter for discussion between the employer, the intern and the case worker at Arbetsförmedlingen. Jobbsprånget is happy to help by referring the intern and employer to the relevant case worker. A step-by-step guide on how to appy for an extension can be found here.

Congratulations! Contact Jobbsprånget and we will facilitate your communication with the parties involved (the employer and case worker at Arbetsförmedlingen) so that your internship can be terminated.

Interns are not entitled to any vacation days. If you are planning on taking some time off the best way to know the procedure for sure is to get in contact with Arbetsförmedlingen. If you take time off without consulting with Arbetsförmedlingen first you could be expulsed from your internship.

We actively encourage interns to look for a job during their internship. Have a transparent and open dialogue about your job searching activity with your employer and case worker.

You are most welcome to apply as many times as you’d like. Please keep in mind that Arbetsförmedlingen determines if you are eligible for another internship or not. We can never guarantee that they let you do another internship directly after you just finished or if you have participated during a previous term. In some cases your eligibility status will remain orange in the portal.

You can always apply, but it is up to Arbetsförmedlingen to decide if you are eligible for another one or not.  If you are currently still at your previous internship you will not be eligible. Your status may change once your internship has ended. In the majority of all cases, your eligibility status will be orange in the Jobbsprånget portal if you have recently completed an internship. Please note more information about eligibility can be found further up in the FAQ. 

How we handle your personal data

The Jobbsprånget portal is action based. It is when you apply for internship at a company, that your contact details, CV, letter and test results are visible to a person at the company.
No, it does not have the same functionality as the above mentioned sites. At Jobbsprånget you create a personal page when you register for an account. It is when you then choose to take the next step after registry of account to apply to an internship that the information concerning your application is visible to a specific person at the company where you want to become an intern at.

Video tutorials for candidates