Eligibility Status & Color Codes

The different color codes in the portal indicate the current eligibility status of a candidate.

What does the color mean?


A preliminary assessment has been made by Arbetsförmedlingen and the candidate is deemed eligible for an internship.


The candidate is not eligible for an internship.


The candidate has not yet been evaluated by Arbetsförmedlingen.

If an employer is interested in a blue candidate but wishes a preliminary assessment first, we may submit the case as an express inquiry. Please contact us in order to proceed.

Please be patient, the evaluation process may take some time. There is no need to contact Arbetsförmedlingen or us. Kindly note your applications are still visible for employers when blue.


If the status is orange, the candidate may still apply to internships and employers may still consider the candidate. However, the status indicate that the eligibility cannot be fully determined after a preliminary assessment of the candidate. Further actions will be necessary for the status to become green.

The employer may still proceed with an orange candidate, but should be aware that a full eligibility assessment will only be made if a formal application is submitted to Arbetsförmedlingen.

In some cases, the organge status cannot be changed. An orange status may be due to the following reasons:
1. You may still have to upload your visa decision document.
2. You may have done an internship via Jobbsprånget before.
3. You may currently have a visa marked with visa class “X”. First visa decision letter is required as well.
4. You may currently be enrolled in another program through Arbetsförmedlingen.
5. You may have a part-time job.
6. You may currently be studying part-time.
7. You may not have participated in your initial planning call with Arbetsförmedlingen.


Pink status indicates incomplete or inaccurate visa information in the candidate's profile.It means that the candidate needs to upload or update their visa documents for Arbetsförmedlingen to assess the eligbility again

Jobbsprånget handles the communication with pink candidates to complete their profile. If you are an employer and consider to hire a pink candidate, please contact us.

• If you hold a permanent residence permit, please upload the visa decision letter from Migrationsvket stating this.
• If you hold a temporary residence permit, upload the Migrationsverket visa decision letter, ensuring it shows the visa class ("beslutsklass") and validity dates. f your visa is marked “X”, please make sure to upload your currently valid visa as well as your original visa that states your original visa class (“beslutsklass”). This is because X marks an extension of any visa and Arbetsförmedlingen needs to know the type of your visa.
• For ‘X’ visa class, upload the original first visa decision letter as X only is an extension.
• Swedish citizens, please upload a copy of your passport or citizenship document.
• For EU-citizen born outside of Europe, upload your European passport.


The white status means that you as a candidate has not yet applied to any internship opportunities. Make sure to send in at least one application to an internship position in order for your status to change, and your eligibility to be assessed

Still not sure?

If you still are unsure about the eligibility status, ask our chatbot Noah in the bottom right corner or read our FAQ.