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A chance to combine business benefits with social responsibility.

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Match your Needs

All candidates in our portal have an academic degree within a professional field. The program is designed to be a win-win experience, giving employers the competence and the candidates a door to excel in their areas of expertise.

Skills in our Portal:

Two Periods - Spring and Fall

Our internship program offer two periods each year, during the spring and fall, lasting for four months. Employers can participate at no cost, and candidates are provided a monthly allowance and insurance by government authorities. Internships may be physical, hybrid or remote.

To join the upcoming period, make sure to contact us by December 16th.

How it Works

Posting an internship position on our portal is easy, requiring just a few simple steps.


Publish an Ad

We give you an account where you can post your internship positions. You can submit as many positions as you like.


Interview Candidates

You can easily review incoming applications, access CVs and contact details in the portal to book interviews.



Choose your ideal candidate and recruit in the portal. Recruitment starts no later than January 17th for spring internships.

Mentor Training and Assitance

To ensure a successful internship experience, you should designate a mentor within your organization who will provide support to the candidate. Jobbsprånget offers mentor support and training to create a mutually rewarding experience for both mentors and interns.

Personalised Support

When you join the program, you will be paired with one of our Client Relationship Managers who will assist you every step of the way, from posting an advertisement to selecting your intern.

We take care of all the paperwork and liaise with Arbetsförmedlingen, providing continuous support throughout the entire internship period.

Info Sessions

Curious about the programme? We offer three free info sessions for employers interested in joining the program. It’s a great opportunity for employers to learn more about its benefits, practical details  and ask questions. Please register below.

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