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Boost your impact

Over the years we have gathered best practice from employers who have participated in Jobbsprånget. Below we share their advise on how to boost the value and impact of your participation.

Be active in your digital channels

Use your website and social media channels to communicate your participation in Jobbsprånget. Interview your interns and spread their stories as articles or short videos on your website and in social media. We are happy to spread material that you produce in Jobbsprånget’s digital channels.

Don’t forget your internal channels to create pride among your employees about your participation. Do you have an internal magazine, a blog or a podcast, where you can create awareness?

Annual report and sustainability report

Jobbsprånget contributes to diversity and social sustainability. Use results and statistics from Jobbsprånget to show the value of your participation in your annual report and/or sustainability report. Participating in Jobbsprånget contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals 4, 5, 8 and 10 in the 2030 Agenda.

Media and press

Media has great interest in Jobbsprånget. Contact national and local media and tell them about your work and how your organisation contributes to integration of newly arrived academics, by opening the door to the job market. Contribute to debate articles that show your involvement in society. Jobbsprånget can assist you with statistics and facts.

Involve your communications department

Appoint a contact person in the communication department who can spread and share information about your participation – internally and externally. This is often a prerequisite for successful internal and external efforts.

Create internal pride and interest

Post information about your participation on screens in the coffee room or reception. This usually facilitates the recruitment of mentors. Introduce the interns and your participation in Jobbsprånget in your internal communication channels (intranet, newsletter, internal magazine, staff meetings) and by e-mail to the organisation. Jobbsprånget supports you with materials.