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Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy - For candidates

I have understood that the Föreningen Jobbsprånget collects, manage and stores contact details and other information that I give, when I create an account with Jobbsprånget. I hereby consent that the information that I leave in the portal will be used in order to administrate the internship and that the information and contact details will be used to communicate with me in accordance to GDPR and given information. 


Föreningen Jobbsprånget collects, manages and saves the contact details in order to contact you with information about Jobbsprånget and your internship. We also store other given information that you have entered in the portal in order to administrate the internship: e.g. university studies, if you have a driver’s license, contact details to your employment officer at Arbetsförmedlingen, languages you speak, gender, your CV, your video presentation and which organisations you are interested in, information in regard to the consent you give so that Föreningen Jobbsprånget can retrieve information from Arbetsförmedlingen, regarding Jobbsprånget.


You will also have to enter your social security number when you create an account in the Jobbsprånget portal. The social security number is used to verify your eligibility for internship with Arbetsförmedlingen, to prepare the internship documents and will also be reported to Tillväxtverket (Swedish agency for economic and regional growth), in order to do statistical calculations about the project. Your answers from Jobbsprånget surveys will also be stored in addition to necessary parts of our communication with you and participating employers in Jobbsprånget.


Controller is Föreningen Jobbsprånget and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact info@jobbspranget.se 


Privacy Policy - For Employers

On May 25 2018, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) started in Sweden and the rest of the EU. Controller is the Föreningen Jobbsprånget .

We would especially like to inform you that Föreningen Jobbsprånget will handle the following information as a participating employer e.g.: contact information to contact persons, decision makers and supervisors within your organisation. The details and necessary requirements will be saved during the collaboration period, and maximum 1 year after having ended the partnership.

Participating employers (controllers) who take part of personal data via the project Jobbsprånget are responsible for handling these according to GDPR.

If you have any questions please contact Jobbsprånget via info@jobbspranget.e

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