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Three steps into the Swedish job market

Jobbsprånget offers a fast-track to working life in Sweden for newcomer academics. Our internship model is proven successful.
Step: 1

Create a profile

Firstly, you need to register a profile with your personal details in Jobbsprånget’s application portal. This requires a valid BankID, and can be done at any time (even when the application period is closed).
How to create a profil
Step: 2


When the application period is open, login to your Jobbsprånget account. All the available internships will be presented and you can apply to those matching your profile and preferences.
How to apply to internship opportunities
Step: 3


The recruitment process is handled by each employer and usually starts when the application period is closed (16 August/16 January). The employers will contact candidates for an interview.
Interview techniques

Video Tutorials

Need guidance in your registration and application process? Check out these video tutorials!

Filter function

View or edit application

Fill out or update profile

Upload CV/files

Change/update attached CV or files

Eligibility statuses


How to create a CV?

A curriculum vitae (CV) provides a summary of your experience and skills. This is how it’s done.
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Increase your chances! ​

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