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A win-win-win for society, employers and individuals

Meet some of our participating employers as they share their stories about Jobbsprånget and how the programme adds value to their organisations.

Tony Carlsson

Talent Leader, IKEA of Sweden

“Jobbsprånget is one way for us to attract more diversity. We also use Jobbsprånget as leadership training and have seen such great development in leadership among the mentors.”

Kim Stockfelt

Associate Director, AstraZeneca

“For me, Jobbsprånget is a no brainer. It’s a really valuable opportunity for both the candidates and us as business.”

Martin Lundstedt

CEO, AB Volvo

“Since 2017 we have welcomed more than 80 interns from Jobbsprånget. It’s important for us as a company, for the individuals and for society.”

Ingela Mauritzon

CEO, B-Sure (start-up)

“Currently we have 10-15 interns from Jobbsprånget. They contribute with knowledge and experience in their different fields and we have hired many of our previous interns.”

Maria Samuelsson

Country HR Manager, ABB

“Jobbsprånget is a great initiative for us as an employer to get access to talent and to contribute to social sustainability.”

Linda Johansson

Team Leader, Ramboll

“Jobbsprånget gives us an opportunity to increase our diversity. For me personally, it’s a way to contribute to a more inclusive society.”