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Boost your chances
to get an internship

Are you new in Sweden with an academic degree in engineering, architecture, business or science? Jobbsprånget offers you a fast-track to the Swedish job market – through internship.
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Sharing our best tips!

More than 3600 foreign academics have done internships through Jobbsprånget. These are our top tips for improving your chances of getting an internship with one of our participating employers

Create a winning motivational letter and CV

Make sure your CV is short and comprehensive, max 2 pages. Highlight the experiences that are relevant to your profile and the internships you are applying to.

Your cover letter/motivational letter should include the reason why you are interested in the position or the specific company/organisation and why you think you are suited for the role.

Keep in mind that employers prefer a CV and cover letter that is customised to the role you are applying to, not just a standard version or “one size fits all”. Take your time to read the internship ads and adjust both your CV and cover letter.

Send multiple applications

By sending multiple relevant applications, you will increase your chances of getting an internship.

Therefore, apply to all those internships that you find interesting and relevant to your profile. However, you must not forget to apply in quality – not just quantity. Make sure you tailor your application (including CV & cover letter) to the internship roles you apply to.

If you find an internship role that you’re really interested in but feel that your education background and/or professional experience doesn’t really match the requirements, don’t give up. Try to highlight other skills that might be beneficial for the role.

Make sure your application is complete

Make sure you fill out all the necessary fields in the application, and have your CV and cover letter attached to it.

Employers consider applications where the candidate have skills and experiences relevant to the specific role. We have received feedback from employers about the importance of being authentic.

If you decide to add a photo of yourself in your CV, make sure you look professional and presentable in it. Avoid selfies, photos with sunglasses or holiday pictures.

Have an updated LinkedIn profile

Most Swedish employers will check your LinkedIn profile. Keep it up to date.

Your LinkedIn Profile is your standard or general CV, while your CV for the application needs to be tailored according to the role you apply to.

Good luck!

Jobbsprånget is Sweden’s largest internship programme for foreign-born academics. Our internship model is proven successful. 7 out of 10 candidates get a job after Jobbsprånget. We hope you are one of them! If you have any questions visit our FAQ.