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About us

Jobbsprånget is Sweden’s largest internship programme for foreign-born academics. Since 2016, we have connected more than 4300 foreign-born talents with over 700 participating employers in need of their skills. 7 out of 10 get a job. The initiative is financed by the Swedish government and the Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation.

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Why Jobbsprånget?

On average, Jobbsprånget’s candidates have applied for 200 jobs in Sweden – without success. Many foreign talents with an academic degree have difficulties entering the Swedish job market, due to lack of references, contacts or language skills. This is a huge waste of resources.

Jobbsprånget’s internship programme makes it easy for employers to get access to this pool of talent. At the same the internship gives the candidates valuable contacts, relevant experience, and an opportunity to learn more about Swedish working culture. The results speak for themselves, 7 out of 10 get a job after Jobbsprånget.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision:

To be Superfluous

A Swedish Job Market That No Longer Needs Us

Jobbsprånget strives towards the ultimate goal; a mature job market where employers and foreign-borns connect and match seamlessly, without the need of intermediaries.

Our Mission:

Driving change – Bridging Gaps – Fulfilling Dreams

Jobbsprånget catalyses and drive change in the Swedish job market. Our internship programme bridges and connects Swedish employers with foreign-born talents to fulfil the demand of competences. Jobbsprånget has a huge impact on the participants lives and makes their dreams of securing employment come true.

Together we make a difference!

Jobbsprånget is Sweden’s largest internship programme for foreign-born academics. We are committed to opening the glassdoor to the Swedish job market.

foreign-born academics have done an internship with Jobbsprånget
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of our interns get a job after their four months internship
employers in 50 locations have offered internship since 2017
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of our participating employers have recruited an intern
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Our financiers

The programme is financed by Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation and the Swedish government, administered by Tillväxtverket.