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Jobbsprånget opens the door to the Swedish job market

Meet some of our interns as they share their stories about Jobbsprånget and how the internship gave them a fast-track to working life in Sweden.

Mamtha Pullat

Diversity & Inclusion Specialist at Telia
“Jobbsprånget opened amazing doors for me. I think it is the key to help international academics enter the Swedish workforce.”

JB Moise Morel

Executive Coordinator at Zimpler
“I did two internship back to back. The first one with BillerudKorsnäs and the second one with BCG. They invited me with open arms and it was an amazing experience.”

Bhavin Balan

Business Analyst at Unilever
“Internship is the right entry point. Through internship, you will get experience of the Swedish job market.”

Raya Zamil

Research Engineer at AFRY
“Jobbsprånget is really helpful and worth it. I encourage everyone to apply. This is the easiest way to enter the job market.”

Mayra Reis

Architect & Urban Designer at Ramboll
“Jobbsprånget connects you with good companies and it’s a safe way to start an internship in Sweden.”

Mohammad Homsy

Project Manager at Byggmästar'n i Skåne
“After the internship ended, I requested to get a chance to continue with the company. I continue now with the same project.”