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We are committed to making a difference in society

During our five years of operations, Jobbsprånget has gone from being a small pilot project to a national springboard for integration. Today we are Sweden’s largest internship programme for foreign-born academics.

A win-win-win for society, employers and individuals

On average, Jobbsprånget’s candidates have applied for 200 jobs in Sweden. After just four months with an internship through Jobbsprånget, 7 out of 10 get a job on their professional level. We are proud of our results – and for making a true difference.

foreign academics have done an internship with Jobbsprånget
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of our interns get a job after their four months internship
employers in 50 locations have offered internship since 2017
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of our participating employers have recruited an intern
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of our interns recommend Jobbsprånget (rate 8 or above on a scale 0-10)
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of our participating employers recommend Jobbsprånget (rate 8 or above on a scale 8-10)
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Jobbsprånget in media

Jobbsprånget and our interns have received a lot of recognition in media over the years. We are happy to share it with you:

Celebrating five years of making a difference

Jobbsprånget changes lives

Many of our interns have applied for hundreds of jobs before finding Jobbsprånget. After our four-months-long internship programme, 7 out of 10 get a job on their professional level.

Mamtha Pullat

Diversity & Inclusion Specialist at Telia
“Jobbsprånget opened amazing doors for me. I think it is the key to help international academics enter the Swedish workforce.”

JB Moise Morel

Executive Coordinator at Zimpler
“I did two internship back to back. The first one with BillerudKorsnäs and the second one with BCG. They invited me with open arms and it was an amazing experience.”

Bhavin Balan

Business Analyst at Unilever​
“Internship is the right entry point. Through internship, you will get experience of the Swedish job market.”

”Jobbsprånget helps us improve in D&I”

Are you looking for a way to increase diversity in your organisation? Many employers use Jobbsprånget as a tool.
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Impact Report

Jobbsprånget has made a difference for foreign-born academics for just over 5 years. We have compiled our result in this report.