How it Works

Publish an Ad
Interview a candidate
Recruit your Candidate
Start internship

Publish an Ad

Start by publishing an ad in our portal describing the internship. You may publish several ads if you offer more than one position. Then, find a mentor within your organisation that will support the candidate during the internship.

Contact us if you need login details to our portal.


Select Candidates for Interview

When the application period has closed, all applicants are presented in the portal. A colour code shows who is eligible for an internship, and available for an interview. You are committed to interview at least one candidate per internship.


Mentor Training

Jobbsprånget provides mentor support and training to make the internship rewarding for both mentors and interns. Make sure to register for one of our online mentor workshops where you will meet other mentors and receive valuable advise.

Mentor Training: For Experienced Mentors – Autumn 2024, date & time will be available soon

Mentor Training (in English) – Autumn 2024, date & time will be available soon

Mentor Training (in Swedish) – Autumn 2024, date & time will be available soon

*The meetings above are only for future internship mentors and NOT for candidates


Recruit your Intern

Recruitment begins no later than 17 August for fall internships and 17 January for spring internships. Be fast in order to get the best candidates!

Application Period for Candidates

You will be able to view incoming CV:s and begin the recruitment process as soon as the application period begins. Notice that you need to post your advert before the start date in order for candidates to be able to apply.

Fall Term: July 16 – August 16
Spring Term: December 16 – January 16

Make the most of your participation

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