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Diversifying Tech through Competence – VOI about Fostering Better Teams with Jobbsprånget

In an industry known to be one-sided, VOI’s IT manager, Alex Tsarapatsanis, recognises the importance of diversifying his teams. In their participation in Jobbsprånget, VOI shares their ambition to foster diverse teams and enhance competence in the tech sector – It has created a very nice and inclusive culture, he says.

Why did VOI decide to join Jobbsprånget?

VOI is a very diverse company, we all have different backgrounds and cultures, spread out all over Europe. We thought that this is something that we must pay attention to. I like having diversified teams, IT is mainly male-dominated and that can get very one sided. I like to diversify the team more to get broader input to everything.

Why did you want to become a mentor?

I have experienced people that have had struggles entering the job market. I know that these people are super good, but there is something holding them back. It may either be that they haven’t worked in Sweden before, their names or something else. I think it’s such a missed opportunity to have people that have great knowledge and can contribute to our company and not even be given a chance.

Having that as a background and thinking of ways of having a win-win situations for both the participants and VOI, I think it was very good to join the initiative.

Tell us about your participant! How has she contributed to the team? 

Mani is our IT Infrastructure Specialist. She has a very good background from lots of heavy companies such as IBM. She brings a lot of structure and organisation to the team which is a great aspect since we have a very young team. We do things quite fast sometimes and it’s good to have someone that has that in mind.

What has been the best part of the programme?

The best part has been the knowledge I have gotten from them. It has created a very nice and inclusive culture, and I think that everyone in the team has grown from it. It’s an important part that often is overseen. It is not about technical parts or about who has the best knowledge, but about how the team is doing. And I think our team has thrived from taking this people in.

Learn more about the programme and how to participate here

What is Jobbsprånget?

Jobbsprånget is a national programme that matches foreign-born academics with the competence needs of employers all over Sweden. 

By participating, employers have the opportunity to easily harness the expertise of relevant candidates who are currently outside the labor market.

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