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Empowering Diversity – 3 Questions to Essity

In a bid to enhance its teams and foster a more diverse, inclusive environment, Essity has successfully integrated candidates from Jobbsprånget. Ewa Kölby Falck, Research Director at Essity, explains the impact their candidates have had, as well as the benefits of embracing diversity and mentorship in the workplace.

Why did Essity chose to participate in Jobbsprånget?

We think it’s a good opportunity to take advantage of all the competencies that can be found within newcomer academics and others without employment. Who are highly educated and have professional experience.


How has the candidates contributed to Essity?

The candidates come with their experience, and they have broader background than we have in many fields.

We get a lot of new ideas and a broader picture of the countries they come from, and their experience that contributes a lot.


What is your advice to other employers?

I would like to recommend everyone to take in candidates.

The program gives a lot to the organization, it feels good, and it gives extra knowledge and competence to the teams.
It is also a chance for the mentors to develop their leadership skills.

What is Jobbsprånget?

Jobbsprånget is a national programme that matches foreign-born academics with the competence needs of employers all over Sweden. 

By participating, employers have the opportunity to easily harness the expertise of relevant candidates who are currently outside the labor market.

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