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With Diversity and Inclusion on the Agenda – Why Volvo Group is Part of Jobbsprånget.

For Volvo Group Truck Operations, DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) is a top priority. Melinda Mangs, Communications Director, has personally mentored two Jobbsprånget participants – “I strongly believe that diversity and inclusion make us better as a team and improve our performance as a company.”

Why are you part of Jobbsprånget?

We are part of it because not being a part of it is not an option. If we can help create a future for newcomers, I can’t see why we wouldn’t.

What motivated you to become a mentor for a Jobbsprånget participant?

I wanted to become a mentor because I’m driven to do the right things for both society and the company. I firmly believe that diversity and inclusion enhance our teamwork and our performance as a company. Additionally, I see significant potential for my own development. There is so much I can learn from our Jobbsprånget participants.

Tell us more about your Jobbsprånget participants!

We have two Jobbsprånget participants. One is from Morocco, a fairly recent graduate in marketing communication. She has truly enriched our team by providing a perspective on younger generations that we were lacking. Then we have one from Northeast Africa. He also works in marketing communication but is more focused on branding and brings many insights that many of us lack. For example, insights into customer journeys, something marketers deal with all the time but which we in marketing communication don’t typically handle, but perhaps should do more.

What has been the best part of participating in Jobbsprånget?

It’s a win-win situation. It always feels good to help and contribute to people having a better future, finding jobs where they thrive and can grow. At the same time, we gain so much from them, including insights into cultural differences.

We aspire to be a company where diversity and inclusion are high on the agenda and are integral to how we operate. I believe Jobbsprånget helps us achieve this.


What is Jobbsprånget?

Jobbsprånget is a national programme that matches foreign-born academics with the competence needs of employers all over Sweden. 

By participating, employers have the opportunity to easily harness the expertise of relevant candidates who are currently outside the labor market.

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